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How To Get A Job Fast by Michael Scott McGinn

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Web 2.0 Tips and tools for getting a job fast. Helpful list of job sources and job hunting tools to prepare to search for work on the internet.

How to Get a Job Fast


In today’s dynamic job market, the notion of job security is becoming increasingly obsolete. Whether you're unexpectedly unemployed or seeking a career change, this guide provides actionable strategies and tools to enhance your job search effectively.

Preparation for Your Job Search

Begin by establishing your digital presence. Register a domain, set up a professional email, and create a content management system for your resume and portfolio. This section will guide you through each step, ensuring you're ready to present yourself competitively in the job market.

Identifying Your Skills

Identify and label your transferable skills. This section helps you analyze your strengths across various categories such as People, Things, and Information, aiding you in understanding which sectors and roles you're best suited for.

Effective Job Search Strategies

Learn how to narrow down your job search to relevant fields and locations, utilize online job boards, and leverage professional networking sites like LinkedIn to maximize your job search efforts.

Resources for Job Seekers

Explore a detailed list of resources for finding temporary and freelance work, and understand how to access further training or apprenticeship opportunities to enhance your employ-ability.

Starting Your Own Business

For those interested in entrepreneurship, this section offers guidance on how to start your own business, including navigating SBA loans and leveraging other financial resources.


This guide is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the job market successfully. Remember, the key to success is proactive preparation and leveraging the right resources.

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How To Get A Job Fast by Michael Scott McGinn

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